Friday, 23 October 2009

Dawn of the Dead teaser trailer

This teaser trailer for 'Dawn of the Dead' seems to contain most of the key conventions of movie trailers. But the music starts with a happy and surprisingly calming song, whilst there are shots of characters playing basketball, drinking coffee and having fun. It then cuts to the news about what is happening, the sound then suddenly changes to screaming and shouting. There is only one kind of dialogue or voice over where the man on the news talks about the happenings and chaos. We then see footage from the film of the 'zombie's' and the chaos envolved, the pace gets faster to maximise tension. The name of the film is revealed at the end of the trailer in big bold writing, and other details in smaller writing, such as director, actors and website.

We are shown that these characters are in some kind of department store, possibly a Mall that is deserted apart from the characters, also a multi-storey car park that is also competely emtpy, apart from the "zombie's". We are shown the streets filled with frightening creatures and that our characters are completely outnumbered.

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