Friday, 23 October 2009

Saw VI teaser trailer

The saw 6 teaser trailer includes most of the key conventions for move trailers. The genre of the movie is easily recognised mainly because the 'saw films' have many devoted fans that keep watching each sequel. The music for the 'saw films' is also very well known. The only dialogue used are the sounds of the victims screaming and shouting. There are recurring grammatical structures using the number '6'. As it's the 6th sequel it it very appropriate. they also shown as inter-titles. The name of the movie is revealed at the end of the trailer in large writing and the website and the release date is defined as 'Halloween', which is also appropriate for a horror film.

The mise-en-scene of this teaser trailer is like a ride. We are taken backwards shown through corridoors and various rooms, one with lots of televisions that are carelessly stacked that make us feel uneasy, they show actual footage from the film. The other two rooms just show two televisions attatched to the walls. Each of the corridoors have flickering lights creating unavoidable darkness and strange shadows.

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