Tuesday, 20 October 2009

28 Days Later teaser trailer

This is a teaser trailer that I thought has a good effect without giving too much away. The genre is obvious from the very beginning, mainly because of the music used, with sounds of drums, sirens and screaming. It uses repitition of grammatical structures, such as: "On the first day", and then counting up the days to "28 days later" with what happened upto that point for emphasis. There is no voice over, but there is actual footage from the film to show characters and a story-line used.
The mise-en-scene showed is shown from the film, one is a hospital cubile or ward where a character wakes up to find nobody around. Then we're shown famous main streets of London that are completely deserted which creates a very eerie effect. The rest of the footage from the film is just mysterious figures in darkness.

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