Thursday, 25 February 2010

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

My target audience for this horror was mainly teenage students so the feedback I recieved from my horror teaser trailer was through a class session. I, personally, was very pleased with the audience feedback recieved about the horror teaser trailer. It is very rewarding to hear all of the aspects of the trailer that they enjoyed and were impressed with, but every trailer has it's flaws, and I can only learn from them. The majority enjoyed the effects and filters that were put into the trailer as they created a spooky and eerie atmosphere. They also liked the lighting and the angles we shot from, especailly close-up shots. The lighting was mainly edited on Final Cut Pro, as we originally shot in daylight, we changed it to look like night time. The angles we shot from were well thought out, to try and show unusual angles that wouldn't be expected to create a myterious vibe. The audience feedback also told me that they thought the audio was well timed with the edited filming, which was difficalt to do. The main negative feedback receieved was that the narrative wasn't clear enough and the story couldn't be understood. There was appropriate footage to illustrate the narrative previously, but my group and I felt that it dragged on a little too much so it was cut out. Next time I believe that we should rethink this for our audience's beneift. Also the intertitles are too small and difficalt to read which I definately agree with. My group was dismissent to changing the intertitles, so I created my own version of the horror teaser trailer, which now has clearer intertitles.

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