Thursday, 25 February 2010

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I feel that my trailer and my poster work very well as part of a promotional package. The marketing campaign objective is to raise awareness of the film and to create a 'buzz' about amongst the target audience. Then the most effective way off advertising can be kickstarted, 'word of mouth'. Advertising media is costly but effective, broadcasting it over tv channels, internet, the press and outdoor sites.

Poster - The poster has to be completely original and stand out from any competition. The poster also has to catch the attention of the target audience, either by stars, genre or tag-line. In this case, it is down to the genre and the tag-line. The genre is evidently a horror, which make it clear who the target audience should be. The tag-line used 'when the moon comes out ... so does she ...' emphasises the uncanny connection between the monster's name 'Luna' and the moon coming out at night. It represents that the horror is supernatural and evidently links with the dark. This is part of the promotional package as a form of advertising outdoors mainly. Likely to be seen across busses, billboards and telephone boxes in towns.

Trailer - Before the main film trailer a teaser traler is usually released, which is 30-90 seconds long. This gives a small taste to current cinemagoers of what the film has to offer them. Within a teaser trailer there are small glimpses to the best scenes in the film. The 'Torment of Luna' teaser trailer is 82 seconds long, which just fits into the time frames that are usually used for teaser trailers. It has been attempted to include many shots of interest and horror, which would hopefully result in influencing the target audience to want to go and see the film at hand. This is part of the promotional package as advertsing across tv and websites.

Magazine Cover - A film magazine featuring and advertising the film helps with promotion. The magazine would also have some kind of article about it, such as an interveiw. An image linked to the film being positioned as the main image on the front cover would assist with promoting the film. This product would be generated by the publicity as a component of a campaign. An editorial coverage of a film would be very persuasive, through interviews with casts.

Together - My poster, trailer and magazine cover all hang together as a consistent marketing and promotional package for the 'Torment of Luna'. Each ancillary task has an original image, but they are linked together well through colour and texture. Both of these ancillary tasks also relate well to the teaser trailer as the same lighting and make-up techniques are used. These all work well as part of a promotional package by using advertising, promotion and publicity.

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  1. You have to show that you understand THE ROLE OF THE DISTRIBUTOR, the company responsible for generating the marketing campaign, and the THREE ELEMENTS OF A CAMPAIGN – advertising, promotion and publicity. The FDA website, is a useful resource. You then need to consider your mag cover as a product generated by the PUBLICITY component of a campaign, and how this might occur.