Monday, 22 February 2010

Research for Poster and Film Magazine Cover

These 3 film magazine covers have inspired my own. On the Empire cover I really like the main header, because it is large, bold and very noticable. On the Fangoria cover, I like the left margin that has been used for information that is within the magazine. The SFX magazine has the main image positioned on the right hand side of the cover, which I think is better than a central image.

My own poster is very my like 'The Eye' poster, as it is an E.C.U of the 'monster's' eye. I think that E.C.U's are very effective as the detail is very clear. I like the contrast and lighting on 'The Descent' Poster, this inspired my own for lighting. The 'Saw' poster shows an image with no border, with a blurred outline. This also had an influence of my poster and the image within it.

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