Thursday, 17 September 2009

Mirrors Trailor

Clear Hero and immediate father/son figures. Family.
Based on reflections- 'mirrors', water.
Female screams and roars, indicating pain and fear.
His problems from his work effect his family at home.
Fast cuts towards end to create a fast pace.
Clearly a supernatural horror, shown my mysterious and unexplained happenings.
I think this trailer is an immediate attention grabber, it shows an outline of the story telling you that it's somebody else looking back at you in the mirror, and not your reflection. A superstition that has been questioned for years, thata mirror or reflection is a gateway to another dimension or world.

This trailer uses key conventions. It clearly shows the Genre of the movie by using music. The name of the movie is mentioned alot throughout the trailer, even in the dialogue from the film footage. The director is also named twice in this and shown boldly in text. This trailer shows aspects of the start of a horrific scene, but does not show the outcome, which targets the audience that want to know what happens next. There is a build up in music where it becomes more high pitched and faster to create a tense and exciting atmosphere. There is no voice-over, only the main character's dialogue that carries on over other footage.

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